Play Premium Online Keno Games

Grand Rush casino offered online keno casino games available since our site debuted back in 2006. We’ve been in the game for long enough to know what our players are looking for and are as determined as ever to make sure they get it.

Licensed in the respected Curaçao jurisdiction, when you play keno online here, you can rest assured you’re getting totally fair game results and that your winnings will be paid out in next to no time. And keno games online are straightforward in terms of rules and simple in terms of play but will blow your mind in terms of possible payouts.

When you play keno online casino, you’ll be betting on numbers in the hopes that they will be drawn by the Random Number Generator software that governs the games. The more you correctly predict, and the bigger your bet, the higher your payouts will be.

How to Play Keno at Grand Rush Casino

You’ve already accomplished the most important step for playing online Keno. It’s vital that you find a reputable site to create your real money account at, and you’re already here! Then select your preferred method of payment from those we provide and fund your new account. Claim whatever bonuses you’re eligible for and take heart because learning how to play keno is so easy. 

Find the variants we have available, choose whichever one strikes your fancy, and let the games begin. Place your bet, select your keno game online numbers, and wait mere moments for your results.

Online Keno balls with casino gold coins

Know The Online Keno Real Money Potential

The online keno for real money that you can enjoy at Grand Rush Casino has been around for a very long time, originating in Ancient China. It’s very similar to the Lottery in a number of ways, including its reliance on chance and the fact that you can win big even if you place a conservative bet. The keno variants available here include Captain Keno, Keno, Power Keno, and Super Keno, so there’s something new to enjoy within the same ballpark of games when you’re in the mood to play. 

Online keno for real money is a very underrated gameplay experience and its elements make it something even total newcomers to gambling in general, or online betting in particular, can enjoy. It’s a matter of choosing the right numbers and collecting your win when your predictions match those drawn. The speed at which you can wager, play, and win, also make keno the perfect choice for busy people.

Online Keno Rules

When you’re ready to start enjoying the best online keno real money games, you’ll need to choose between one and 10 numbers, depending on the variation you’ve chosen, and the range given. This pool usually comprises numbers ranging from one to 80. Then the online keno draw happens and, depending on how many of them you guessed correctly, you get a payout!

Naturally, the best online keno real money games at Grand Rush Casino unfold a little differently from their land-based counterparts. Instead of actual balls with numbers printed on them getting drawn from a spinning transparent container, RNG software determines the results. 

Top Tips for Keno Online Casino Games

Even though there is no 100% surefire way to win every time you play keno online, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of seeing a payout on this exciting online casino game:

Know your bets:

  • Combination Tickets are wagers that contain a range of bets.
  • King Number Tickets are wagers where a single number is added to each of your groupings and represents a bet in and of itself too.
  • Split Tickets are a combination of Straight Ticket wagers. 
  • Straight Tickets are the most basic keno online casino game bet. Choose numbers and wait to see which ones win.
  • Way Tickets are bets that let you group multiple numbers together. So you could wager on a group of five numbers, another set containing five numbers, and a third batch with 10 if you wanted to. 
  • It is always a good idea to play Keno online for free in Demo mode before you make a real money bet. This is one of the many services available at Grand Rush Casino, the chance to practice for free before betting your hard-earned cash!
  • Stick to betting an amount that you feel comfortable with. And remember to have fun!

Now that you know a smidge more about Keno online casino games, we reckon it’s about time you started playing!